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Field Services Offered

Testing Services Group offers several
different field services. Among which
are start-up services, preventative
maintenance, switchgear start-up,
and many others. Click here to find
out more about our services

Over 30 Years Experience

Testing Services Group has been in the testing and electrical services for over 30 years. With this experience, you're sure to get the very best in testing services.

Contact Mike Grimes today and find out more about our services and experience. Call (770) 834-0738 extension 107 or send email to sales@testingsg.com.

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Aubrey Silvey Enterprises - Testing Services
Mike Grimes, Manager
371 Hamp Jones Road Carrollton, GA 30117
770-834-0738 Ext 107 Fax: 770-834-1055
Web: www.testingsg.com Email: sales@testingsg.com


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